Bread and Beer, Together at Last..

This is a site dedicated to the baking of bread and brewing of beer. It’s all an experiment, trial and error, to refine our skills and talk about it a little. Well, mostly it’s about having fun! We’ve burnt some bread and dropped some beer, but that’s the learning experience. We’re just a curious couple ┬áliving in ocean country, enjoying the creation of beer and bread!

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  1. Ole says:


    I want to bake bread using barm. But I don’t know how to extract(and keep it active in storage) the barm.

    And how much barm should I use in a recipe that prescribes yeast or sourdough?

    • DR says:

      Sorry for the late reply! I usually keep barm in the fridge and when I want to use it I use a tablespoon mixed with half cup warm water and half cup flour. Let it sit, covered, until it bubbles, couple of hours.

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