Real Beer Bread.

I love to experiment! So I decided to use beer yeast instead of bread yeast. I’ve tried to research it but there’s not a lot of concrete information about how to use it or what happens after.. So I’m going to try a bunch of ways to make good bread with beer yeast!

I’ve tried 2 ways already. First I used yeast from the bottom of a belgian white bottle that we brewed a couple of months ago. Belgian white (wit) beers have a lot of yeast sediment on the bottom. After I enjoyed the refreshing beer, I poured the yeast straight into my white bread recipe. I used that recipe so I could make sure the flavour of the beer yeast would be prominent.

Second, I used some yeast from the top of the carboy (Barm) though it only amounted to a tablespoon (and most of it was beer..) I tried sucking some up with a Turkey baster, but it mostly sucked up beer. I wanted that green scum from the top..

I covered both with a cloth but 8 hours sitting on the counter later… it didn’t do much.

I left it out for most of the day (now covered with plastic wrap so it wouldn’t dry out), but was worried that it might catch some wild yeast. So into the fridge it went, but that didn’t do anything either.. I kept it in there for at least a day. Day 3 I left it on the counter (very humid day) and it rose like crazy in 3 hours! Lots of bubbles.

Left picture is Day 2, no sign of rising. Right picture is Day 3: 3 hours later, bubbles!


I punched it down and kneaded it a little. Felt really weird, like silky texture but not that sticky.. more slick. (Even though it looks sticky in the right picture, I lightly dusted my hands and then the dough just turned to silky)

I formed it into a ball for the belgian white and 2 balls for the barm.

I let it sit for another couple of hours (The belgian white beer I let sit out on the counter and the barm I let sit in the fridge) and they never rose; they just deflated.

Screw it! I baked them anyways. The belgian white beer turned out pretty interesting, it did have a slightly sweet taste to the bread, a little denser texture.

The barm bread I took out from the fridge and put it right into the oven.. oops. Should not have done that.. It took longer to bake because it was cold to start. I took it out too early, it didn’t bake all the way through. One loaf I put back in, and baked it all the way but the crust didn’t turn out great. It didn’t have much flavour. I don’t think there was enough yeast in it to make a difference.

3rd experiment will be with a starter. I took some yeast from another bottle of belgian white and began a starter (like a sourdough starter). I left it out for a bit, but didn’t want the wild yeast to contaminate it so I stuck it in the fridge.


I’ll keep you posted about more experiments with beer yeast!

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  1. susan says:

    I also live with a beer maker. Would the hops, in the beer, make the barm quite bitter?

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