Babies take your time

I noticed the last post was 4 days before Finn arrived in the world! Now he’s about 5 months old and I barely have time to bake.


I did however bake this for Mother’s day. I call them cherry lemon explosion cupcakes.


Start with a vanilla cupcake which I got a random recipe off the internet, it was ok..


Then made some lemon curd. Very easy to make and delicious! I used the Flour recipe which consists of lemon, butter, cream, sugar, eggs and salt. Making a curd is quite easy but needs a little practice. You need to heat up the lemon juice, cream and butter in a pot until just boiling (meanwhile the sugar, eggs and salt should be whisked together and ready), then you add the hot lemon mix to the egg mix, pouring very slowly while whisking like mad. Then add that back to the pot and whisk until it thickens. This can take 10 minutes or more, and you cannot leave the pot!

After it’s thickened up, let it cool (stir periodically) and then put plastic wrap on the top so its touching the curd (no skin will develop on the top then) and refrigerate overnight. Then add to anything!! yum.


So I added this lemon curd to the middle of my cupcakes.




Then I made a cherry buttercream, I got the recipe from this book Vintage Cakes. They used dried cherries and a little vanilla, it worked well! Before I used fresh cherries, maybe a pound and the cherry flavour was lost in the buttercream.

driedcherry cherrybuttercream decoratingtip


These cupcakes are so pretty, yet monstrous! It was hard to eat and can give you a sugar high. I need to cut the size by half!


These pretty cupcakes went well with the pretty weather and all the Cape Cod flowers blooming.




I will try to keep on baking but this kid just never sleeps!

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