Pumpkin coffee cake muffins

Ok. Not sure how to call this one. It bakes in a muffin tin but tastes more like a coffee cake dipped in cinnamon sugar. Muffin to me equals somewhat healthy, but this one could be almost like a pumpkin donut. Though most muffins have a ton of sugar in them, just to warn you!

I told you I wouldn’t be posting for a while but I’m waiting for this baby to appear, and he’s being a little stubborn; so I am still baking to keep myself occupied.

These are addictive. 


Pumpkin coffee cake muffins (makes around 22)

1 1/2 cups butter (room temp)

1 3/4 cups sugar

4 eggs

1/2 cup pumpkin puree

4 cups flour

2 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cardamon

1/2 tsp cinnamon

2 cups buttermilk (I used non fat)


Cream butter and sugar. Make sure to scrape down the bowl before adding your eggs.


Add one egg at a time. (See how the sides are scraped down)


Add pumpkin. (This might separate a little, but it still worked for me).


Mix flour, baking powder, salt and spices together.


Then alternate between adding the flour mix and the buttermilk.


Chill in fridge for 3-4 hours or preferably overnight.

Spray or grease a muffin tray. Preheat oven at 375 and bake for about 20-25 minutes. 


I was impatient and chilled it for 3 hours. The first batch got a little melty in the oven (had to put a tray underneath it to catch any overflow) but they still turned out yummy. 


When you press on the top of the muffin, it should be firm and they should look a little cracked. 

Let completely cool on rack. If they are still warm and you dip them in butter, they will fall apart.


When cooled, dip in butter then in cinnamon sugar. I kept mine in a ziplock bag and they actually softened up a bit and tasted even better! Also, if you want to save some, don’t dip them and just freeze the muffins. Thaw and dip for later!


They are so good with coffee!!

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