Too long of a break…

Sorry everyone! wow I haven’t been on since April.. a lot has been happening in life as usual. My job as a baker went a little haywire and I’ll be a new mom in 4 months, so it’s been hectic; baby shower (winnie the pooh theme) and all!

With the summer over in Cape Cod, everything slows down (phew) and now I have some time to write again!

I’ve been trying to perfect my croissants, and they are becoming easier.. A major issue I have sometimes is not letting them rise enough (sometimes it takes 3 hours..). They need to look really puffy or when you bake them they won’t bake all the way through and will be heavy and doughy in the middle. It’s hard to tell, but the trick is, if the outside look matte and dull and not shiny, then they didn’t rise enough. Can you tell?

Also I’ve been baking all sorts of things other than bread.. cookies, cakes, muffins.. I’ll be posting some of those up too!

Well I missed the 2 year mark of this blog.. maybe I’ll do a little something special in October!

I’ll be writing more often now, so please be patient with me!

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